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Mailing Tubes, Packaging Cores, and Shipping Tubes

Our strong and sturdy mailing tubes will assure that your mailing piece will arrive in great shape. Our tubes have delivered millions of mailings over the years without crushing or bending. While kraft tubes are the least expensive, we do offer white litho, stock colors, foils and PMS color wrapped tubes for the jobs that require a special appeal. We also offer many end closure options.

The snap lock tube is provided with pre-folded, or pinched ends. These tubes are typically supplied with one end closed and the other end pre-folded and re-opened for the fulfillment process. prSnapLock
The Curled end offers a very unique style of paper tube end. The end of the tube is actually turned back into itself offering a double wall ring around the tube end preventing a poster or calendar from sliding out. Because the mailing piece has a tendency to want to expand, it will take the same size as the tube I.D. This style offers a low cost option for that unique application for direct mail. prcurledend
The plastic ends are the most common type of mailing tube closure. They are very cost effective and provide a total closure with a neat appearance. This end closes the tube completely to keep your mailing piece perfectly clean for delivery. prPlasticEnds
When shipping the heavier items, we suggest a heavier wall thickness and a self-locking metal end. This end is very heavy duty and provides a good tight fit. In fact it needs to be installed with a mallet or hammer and tapped into the tube. In order to be opened the end usually is removed with a pliers or similar tool. prMetalends
Wood Plugs are also available for the real tough applications. prWoodEnds